Where to Find NFT CARD Template

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After Effects NFT Card template can be used to showcase your NFTs and digital art collections. It contains card loops with customizable colors, characters and backgrounds. It contains a horizontal, vertical, square format so you can use them on your social media accounts. So the question is Where to Find NFT CARD Template?

Table Of Contents

It is very simple and easy as 1,2,3. You can find multiple NFT card templates in our this Page.

These NFT Card Templates are full package which conclude you art or Character into an amazing NFT trading card or you can create a whole card collection within 1 template.

The NFT Card template one pack includes:

  • 3D model of a collectible card.
  • Animated rotating
  • Holographic shading
  • Frame
  • Character Logo
    and A .aep File for you to easily change the asset’s displayed artwork and change whatever you like in the template.
  • You can make your own NFT card and sell it again on any NFT marketplace.

How to use NFT Card Template?

it is very easy and simple as

  1. Open .AE template in adobe After Effects 16 or higher.
  2. Add your artwork to YOUR DESIGN composition.
  3. (Optional) Add additional elements to TOP DESIGN composition.
  4. Select composition RENDER.
  5. Go to Composition -> Add to Media Encoder Queue/ Add to render.
  6. In Media Encoder select Start Queue.
  7. Composition in Shape of NFT card Done Enjoy!!!

Get Creative Designs NFT Card templates

Best designed NFT cards and TCG gaming card templates collection fulfilling your needs to express your brand or product to the next level. Using NFT Templates easily modified them into your own NFT collection and sell for a higher return.

Also You can Find the video tutorial Here and learn how to edit and make your own style NFT card with easy steps.