Elite Card Game Designers

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Assuming you find that you have a good thought for a game, however not be imaginatively sufficiently skilled to plan your own thoughts in devices like Adobe Artist or Photoshop, then, at that point, you’ll probably have to recruit somebody to represent your card deck, normally known as a visual creator.

Whether you’re planning playing a card game, a tarot deck, NFTs, or an exchanging game, you’ll in a perfect world need to find somebody who has insight in planning the sort of deck you’re hoping to fabricate. This will save you a ton of time while speaking with the planners as they’ll as of now comprehend the structures utilized in planning the deck, layout sizes, normal printing entanglements, and so on.

Here is the list of platforms Where to Find Card Game Designer


Fiver is Most popular freelancing platform to find card game designers. This platform is based on a “ready-to-buy” approach where consumers can view portfolios, pre-established pricing, and immediately purchase those services if they are a fit.

Quality is the biggest challenge among graphic designers who engage the ready-to-buy model. Because there are set fees for work (often lower than what a graphic designer might make hourly), designers will often get a lot of orders, so their workload becomes a production mill, sometimes creating a subpar work product. The best designers can command higher pay, so they often will not use this model. However, there are some artistic gems among the designers who engage the ready-to-buy model.


Behance is the ultimate and most optimal resource you can use to discover card game designers; it’s a social media platform owned by Adobe that allows creative and designers to showcase their work in essentially their own online portfolio that the public can view as well.

You can search by a variety of topics and if you see an aesthetic style you like from a designer, you can reach out to that designer directly to discuss your project.


Upwork is another great place to find many card game designers. However, unlike Behance, there’s no visual search tool to evaluate portfolios easily. With Upwork, you basically make a job posting and designers will respond to your posting with samples of their work along with their bid (either hourly wage or project-based).

However, Upwork recently introduced a new engagement model on their platform that mimics Fiverr, where you have clear, upfront pricing on design projects—they call these “ready-to-buy” projects. With this approach, you basically just review a designer’s portfolio and the set pricing they’re offering to do the work, and if you like it, you can engage that designer immediately. Here are some of those portfolios.

In my opinion, Upwork takes a bit more work to find the right designer with the skills and experience you’ll need to design your card game, though I have found some amazing designers for past projects on the platform.

The ready-to-buy offerings on their sites are not that extensive as a lot of card game designers on their platform have not set up offerings for that feature yet.


99designs originally started a design contest platform where you host a design contest with a cash prize, and multiple designers will submit artwork of your design in an attempt to win the contest; the site has since expanded its offering, where you can just hire designers directly without having to host a contest.

In the event that you’re hoping to have a challenge, you’ll most likely need to post your venture under the Delineation or Designs Class, since they don’t have a game classification. Remember, there are 52 cards in a French-fit deck and 78 cards in a tarot deck. This is a ton of craftsmanship for originators to deliver in a challenge they may not win except if you’re offering a truly steep award where they feel it very well might merit the gamble.

An elective methodology is to have a challenge where you have creators model only one card or a couple of cards to kick the inventive flow off for your task. You’ll probably draw in a few excellent creators and get a few marvelous thoughts. What’s more, assuming the triumphant fashioner delivered craftsmanship that you truly like, you can work with that architect secretly after the challenge to complete the remainder of the deck.

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