Joystick Gamepad Phone and Tablet

4.99 $

Game console accessories type: Game joystick
Applicable products: Smartphone
Vibration mode: No vibration
Interface type: USB
Material: ABS+chip
Craft: 3C digital
Product size: 43x47x23mm
Product color: Android version, Apple version

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Joystick Gamepad Phone and Tablet Compatible with Apple, Game Controller Type-C Mobile Gamepad For Android IOS Phone Smartphone Tablet Joystick Grip Rocker With Charging Port.

Important Information
Material: Plastic
Package Size:
100 x 100 x 30 mm
Note:Non-Apple branded products, Compatible with iPhone models
Just one analog thumbstick design for your gaming movements.
Plug and play, accurate positioning;
Use the male USB Type-C connector, plug into the phone USB C port, and use it (you need to download an app for simple settings).
After connecting the phone through the USB Type-C connector, the phone can power it.
Ultra-low power consumption of 3mAh/hour.
Package Content :


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