How to customize Photoshop psd Templates?

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This short tutorial will give few hints on how to customize PSD templates. This guide can be applied to any psd template you will find over the atomictemplates.

What you will need?

If you want to customize psd templates, you will need a few things:
Software for unzipping packed files (WinRar, WinZip etc).
Adobe Photoshop.

Download your PSD Template

As soon as you download your psd template, probably you will need to unpack it.
When all files are extracted, you will notice multi kind of files as:
PDF files
JPEG files

You can use all templates personal or commercial work.
A JPEG file is just a preview of the Psd template so you can quickly see what the artwork looks like. When you double click on any PSD file, Photoshop (or any other software that can edit PSD files) will start.
What you will need to do, is to change this project and customize background color. Both modification can be done on “Layers” panel.

Find Smart Object layer

it’s very easy to change it. To do this we have to find Smart Object Layer that contains the project. Remember the layer panel? This is the place where your search should begin.

Layers with projects usually have names that easily allows to identify themselves – i.e. “Model here” “project here”, “text Here” “design” etc.

After you`ve localized the Smart Object Layer you need to double click on it’s thumbnail. When you do this, new window will appear, and this is the place where you should paste your new design.

Your project should be done in another file (for example in Photoshop or Illustrator), and all you need to do is paste it into this smart object. As you do this, save the file, close the window and you should see that your project is beautifully pasted into the Templates.

That’s it! You have done it. Save the file and share your design with the rest of the word.

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