Best NFT Trading Card Templates and Designs

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By 2022, the NFT market will have attracted more than $3.5 billion in monthly trading volumes on the OpenSea marketplace alone due to its rapid expansion. Applications for non-fungible tokens are emerging across various industries, including tech, the arts, and gaming.

NFT trading card games are a natural fit for that use case and have grown to be just as popular as real trading cards since NFTs are regarded as high-value digital collectibles. In this article, we highlight and list the top 5 NFT trading card types that have become popular among players worldwide.

What are NFT Trading Cards?

NFTs are particularly suited for use in video games as in-game characters, consumables, and other limited edition tradable objects like an NFT trading card since they are distinctive digital assets on the blockchain. NFT games are a well-liked method to have fun and earn money on GameFi thanks to the “play to earn” idea (P2E).

Whether they are NFT trade cards or other kinds of tokens, players can sell their NFTs to other players and collectors. The number of traders in the NFT gaming community skyrocketed when games like Axie Infinity appeared on the scene in 2021, demonstrating the huge demand for these artifacts.

Best Trading Cards Designs and templates

1. Neon Frame NFT Cards

Neon frame NFT cards a new way to frame your favorite NFT artwork it’s a simple, modern way to display NFTs without having to worry about finding the perfect frame or mounting it on the wall.

Neon Frame NFT card After effects NFT Templates

2. 3D Frame NFT Cards

3D Frame NFT Cards are another art based on the concept/artwork/3D model that you choose. These NFT card transform your idea into a great digital art work with a huge value.

3D frame nft card template AE

3. Collectible NFT Cards                  

Collectible NFT cards NFTs allow users to keep their player cards from one season to the next and make money from trading, not just building a team.

Animated Collectible Card After effect NFT template

4. Parallax NFT Card

Parallax NFT Card After effects Template Template Digital Artwork, High End graphics and the biggest trend on the internet.

Parallax NFT Card After effects Template

5. Flipping Coin NFT

Flipping Coin NFT is a digital framework and art of favorite coins like, crypto coins, antique coins that are stored on blockchain as assets.

Flipping logo NFT After effects Template


Even a few NFT trading cards have fetched millions of dollars when sold at auction. It won’t take long for digital trading cards to draw in aficionados of the genre and develop into valuable digital collectibles. They might make a good long-term investment for a collector with an eye for rarity.

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